About Anna

Ukrainian-Canadian abstract artist. 

Anna Medvedeva’s interest in art started at early age. Anna studied in Boris Kustodiev Art School for four years. Then Anna took courses of drawing in Repin Academy of Fine Arts and studied at Vasily Suvorov’s studio in Muhina’s Art University, Saint-Petersburg.

Her works in the last few years are minimal and concrete exploration of colors, forms, shapes and balance. She loves experimenting with color and light to create feelings in her paintings.
Anna’s paintings are in private collections in many countries.

In early 2000’s her technique is transformed from traditional realism to abstraction.

Artist’s Statement

My current passion is abstract paintings. I paint to express my feelings and develop my own language.

My inspiration comes from everyday experience and extensive travels. I try to convey the mood and feelings of places and perceptions of those memories. I transform my vision into poetic abstraction, diffused with spiritual resonance and discover the hidden beauty harmony of color.

My favorite mediums are oil, acrylic, ink, colored pencils and graphite.

I spend a lot of time coloring and re-coloring shapes and lines until the dynamics between elements come together and a definite composition arises. I have a lovely and calming feelings working with abstract series.

I create my works in some kind of meditation process, breaking away from reality and switching to my own inner abstract world.

I’m able to explore different styles of art and continue to grow as an artist.

About Anna

Anna Medvedeva, Ukrainian-Canadian Artist, lives in Toronto, Canada. She studied in Kustodiev Art School and Academy of Fine Arts in St-Petersburg. In early 2000’s her technique is transformed from traditional realism to abstraction.