Geoforms 15

Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 36H x 36W x 1D in

CAD 3,600.00

This abstract painting from series “Geoforms” is inspired by minimalism, modern art and hard edge.
This painting is a vibrant and dynamic composition of various shapes and organic forms. The dominant element is a series of red, yellow and grey shapes that are arranged in a pattern across the canvas. The painting is an example of abstract art, which aims to represent the artist’s emotions and imagination. The painting invites the viewer to interpret its meaning and symbolism in their own way.
This work is signed, dated and tilted by Artist on the back. Signed certificate of authenticity. Acrylic on canvas.
This work will be shipped in a box. The sides are painted, so additional framing is not necessary. 1" stretcher. Ready to hang.